Litquidity Capital - 2019 Last Minute Gift Ideas

The Unofficial Official 2019 Last Minute Gift Guide

If you're like me, you've probably procrastinated until the last minute to buy gifts for family, friends, significant others, your MD, your doorman, the hot HR girl, etc. I've compiled a list of a few brands that I've incorporated into my day to day over the past year or two to help make the last minute Christmas / Holiday shopping a bit easier. 
Avoid this breaking out at the dinner table when you gift some underwear or juul pods:
Lastly, NOT gonna plug my merch because we still ironing out supply chain kinks as we gear up for a robust 2020 (and can't guarantee items will arrive in time).


  • Rhone - These guys are giving Lululemon a run for their money with premium men's performance wear (including dress shirts and pants for the office). I own a ton of their merch
  • Mizzen + Main - By far some of the most comfortable shirts that can be worn in the office and on the golf course
    • I had a discount code but not sure if it still works...
  • Bird Dogs - the raunchiest bunch of dudes bringing you some unique gym shorts / pants with built in lining for optimized free ballin' action
    • Use code "litquid" for some freebies with your order


Book Recs



  • Jay Butler - Not gonna lie, these are my go-to loafers when I wanna turn tf up but don't want to scuff the Gucci's. Nonetheless, they're great quality at a more affordable price point
  • Allbirds - self explanatory. These are comfortable sneakers. Not for everyone though. Big in startup / tech circles
  • Gucci Sleds -If you're looking for some fresh #DealStompers ($870) 


Accessories / Misc


P.S. If anyone feeling extra giving this szn... AHEM 


Happy holidays from the Litquidity Capital team!

    Stay classy,


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