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The LitCap Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide - 2020

If you're like me, you're a serial procrastinator that can plausibly blame it on being swamped with deal flow expected to close by 12/31. You still need to buy gifts for the family, friends, significant others, your MD, your doorman, the hot HR girl, etc. and need something quick. The list below is a compilation of items that are quality and (hopefully) won't have your recipient giving you a half-assed "wow, thanks this is nice. I'll definitely use this" and then turning around and tossing it in the junk closet.  Lock in some of the personal account gains or allocate some bonus dollars towards some good gifts while theres still time. ------ Apparel LitCap x Yellow Label - I've partnered up with Yellow Label this year...

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Covid-19 Full time / Internship Update #3 (4/8/2020)

Dear LitCap shareholders, Hope everyone is staying tf home and helping to flatten the curve. We're back with our third installment of the rona-adj. hiring updates series trying to provide you with the most up-to-date information we've gathered.  Latest major updates we've gathered are as follows: Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Citi, and Moelis have pushed out their internship start dates to July 6th and internships will be reduced from 10 weeks to between 4 or 6 weeks Citi, JPM, GS have indicated that interns will still be paid for the full 10 weeks BMO US starting internships on June 1 remotely. Will announce in May whther interns will be able to come into the office starting in July or if remain remote...

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Litquidity Q&A Session with Rich Handler (CEO, Jefferies)

Happy Sunday, LitCap shareholders. With COVID-19 continuing to dominate headlines and disrupt global economies, we wanted to invite a true Wall Street veteran and FinMeme comment section legend, Rich Handler, to give his personal take on the situation and provide insight/advice to the followers. As many of you may already know, Rich is the CEO of Jefferies and has seen it all in the world of business and Wall Street. The questions below were curated by Karl (the intern) and touch upon general workplace questions, industry outlook, and tips / recommendations to spend the time while working from home.  Before we dive in, please check out Rich Handler on Instagram and Twitter (it's well worth it) *this is where the perfect segue would go...

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Coronavirus - Job / Internship update (3.21.2020)

Hope everyone survived the first week of quarantine (for many) and managed to regain some losses in personal accounts. We're truly in a bizarre time and things are moving fast af everyday. Working around the clock to bring y'all meme relief services and key industry updates when bandwidth permits. We're back with another update on current hiring processes and the latest word on incoming interns/analyst/etc. given market conditions have led to rumors circulating on job cuts and rescinded offers. Keeping this high level as we don't have the granular details but want to provide a sense of the general trend.  Incoming Hires (offers in hand): None of the bulge brackets and boutique firms have announced offers being rescinded en masse. Many firms (including Goldman,...

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